Types of Bookings

Have you an important birthday, family or work celebration coming-up soon? Book a table at Foam Cafe and let us take the hassle and stress out of it! We have several years experience in handling such occasions.

Happy Birthday

Why choose Foam Cafe for your special occasion?

– Minimal fuss and organisation.
– Central location in the heart of Dublin city!
– Very competitive pricing.
– Excellent Customer Service.
– Quality food prepared and cooked onsite.
– Large range of cakes which are also freshly produced onsite.
– Colourful, cheerful and informal atmosphere to celebrate your occasion.
– No washing up!

What type of occasions or celebrations is Foam Cafe suitable for?

– Birthdays! There is no better place in Dublin to celebrate a loved-one’s or friend’s birthday. From a simple coffee and cake to a full lunch, Foam’s food and cake menu ensures there really is something for everyone. i.e. Pizza’s, Pasta’s, Omelettes, etc.

– Baby Shower Party: Cited by kikimoon.ie as one of the top Baby Shower Venues in Dublin, Foam Cafe is ‘seriously cool and vibey…The décor is quirky and fun, you feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland, perfect for a tea party.’ Baby Shower Parties have become increasingly popular of late as a way of ‘showering’ the Mother with gifts!

Book your Baby Shower Party with Foam Café

– Family get together: Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. Why not organise a family outing at Foam? Centrally located in the heart of Dublin city center, the location makes it an easy venue to reach by public or private transport.

– First (or 2nd) Date: Many a blossoming romance started at Foam Cafe.  Foam’s relaxed and informal atmosphere makes it a perfect location for that all important 1st (perhaps ‘blind’) date. Famous for its decor, there is so much to keep your eyes (and conversation) focused for hours! Don’t forget the cool background music too. Our dinner menu has everything from soups to starters, pizza’s to pasta’s, salads to sides! If you coming for a ‘quick’ coffee and cake, you will be spoilt for choice.

– Office Celebration: Is your colleague celebrating a birthday, departing for a new position, or retiring? Looking for a simple and efficient solution for that ‘lunch hour’ office celebration? Look no further! Foam’s central location and simple menu means you can have your cake and eat it.

Please Note: Due to the bespoke nature of each occasion, please contact us well in advance regarding your requirements. (At least 24 hours notice).

Further information: Making a Booking or email: info@foamcafe.ie