Company Social Responsibility Policy

Existence: Foam Cafe is a registered business operating on the Island of Ireland. We are a non-political organisation and do not hold affiliation with any external third party. Therefore, it is Foam Cafe’s policy to always extend a friendly and warm invitation to all sections of society. Patrons are admitted to cafe without regard to race, colour, creed, sex, national origin, disability, religion, political beliefs or sexual orientation.

Legality: Foam Cafe will adhere to legal guidelines in terms of procedures, fair dealing and safety. Every partnership or collaboration with external parties or organisations will be open and transparent. Business value and financial benefits will result only from legitimate business operations and activities. It will always respect the Law including anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices. The company is also committed to always honour its own self-regulatory policies.

Business Ethics: Foam Cafe will always conduct business with integrity and respect to human rights and justice. It has established appropriate practices that indicate several aspects of business ethics such as respect towards the consumer, its staff, virtual audience, etc. Foam Cafe observes the values that dominate its surroundings and will comply with the moral expectations of general society.

Protecting the environment: Foam Cafe recognises the need to protect the natural environment. Although we are a business oriented organisation, keeping the environment clean and unpolluted is a benefit to all of us. Actions such as disposing waste and garbage, use of chemical substances etc. will always be governed by best practices to avoid contamination and pollution. Stewardship also plays an important role.

Protecting People. Foam Cafe will ensure all employees and the external community will not be put to risk from health and safety hazards resulting from the company’s actions or activities. It will also try to refrain from negatively influencing the lives of local and indigenous people by supporting diversity and the preservation of important cultural elements.

Human Rights. Foam Cafe is dedicated to protecting human rights. It will remain a committed equal opportunity employer and will incorporate all fair labour practices in employee relations. It will also ensure that its business activities do not directly or indirectly support violations of human rights stipulations in any country (e.g. forced labour).

Donations and Aid: Foam Cafe may preserve a budget to make monetary donations. Their purpose will be twofold: they will not only be intended to advance the arts, community events and education but also to alleviate those in need.

Preserving the environment: Apart from all actions that are dictated by law, Foam Cafe may be proactive when it comes to protecting the environment. Conserving energy, recycling and incorporating environment-friendly technologies are some of the activities to which the company will give serious attention.

Supporting the community: Foam Cafe may initiate or support several community programs. It may begin partnerships with local organisations of public interest/benefit. It may also provide support to non-profit organisations or local and international movements that promote cultural and economic development of global and local communities.

Use of Social Space: Foam Cafe contains a space that is available for events, gatherings and fundraisers of all kinds; including but not limited to Gigs, Private Parties, Meetings, Baby Showers etc. This space has been used by a multitude of organisations since 2010. These include:

– Theatre Companies
– The National Bipolar Association
– Deaf Groups
– “Pro-Life” Groups
– Transgender Groups
– Language Study Groups
– Opera Societies
– Musical Gatherings
– Stand Up Comedians

Foam Cafe will supply the venue for free with regard to fundraising charity events. We will allow our online resources to be utilised in the promotion of such events – ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website, etc.

It should be noted that the opinions expressed by organisations that use Foam Cafe do not reflect the views of Foam Cafe, its customers, its management, its staff, or external suppliers/contractors.